It was a beautiful rainy day in July when we shot this bridal film of Asmeret.  Some of you might recognize the gorgeous surroundings of Red Butte Gardens in Salt Lake City.  I think that everything put together–the location, the weather, the music, and especially the bride–made this a fantastic video.  Asmeret’s family is currently in Africa and unfortunately are not able to attend the wedding.  I hope that the film we produce for them, by some small part, helps them feel like they are a part of this wonderful event.  Good luck to the happy couple, Asmeret and Yonas!  They will be getting married on August 25, and I will be posting some highlights of their ceremony as soon as possible.

[qt: 384 232]
Location: Red Butte Gardens
Photographer: Jeremy Rasmussen, Deep Focus Studios

2 responses to “Red Butte Gardens–Asmeret’s Bridal Film”

  1. Jeremy Avatar

    The video turned out great. I really like it, my favorite part is a place where, at least I believe, my camera flash fired and you were able to use it combined with an effect.

    Anyway, Great job. The wedding was fun.

  2. Spencer Avatar

    It sure was fun. The photographer was some awesome guy named Jeremy, maybe you have heard of him.

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