Julie and Devin were a blast to work with, Despite the frigid cold, Julie was prepared with a warm coat and gloves, and they were excited and willing to do anything to make for a beautiful wedding film. Please leave a comment or question if you would like, I love to hear what people think of our work.

[qt:http://www.giantbrothers.com/media/j&d_bountifulMed_Prog001.mov http://www.giantbrothers.com/media/gb_posterframe-tiny.jpg 320 196]

2 responses to “Julie & Devin – Mount Timpanogos Temple Film”

  1. Rowan K Avatar
    Rowan K

    George Winston and Josh Groban…fantastic choices. I love your work! I love the demo on KSL.com right now. You’ve obviously got skill with people, because they are comfortable and very real when they are being filmed. If I were to get married and have a budget for a video, you’d be on my list for sure!

    I love that your LDS temple weddings are a bit lower priced than others. KEep up the great work. I am sure your clients are very happy!

  2. Spencer Avatar

    Thanks for your comments Rowan! I absolutly love what I do, and It is really nice when my clients pick such awesome music.

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