So I thought it would be fun and helpful to do a bit more informational posts about wedding and event videography along with posting videos of my recent work.  For this post, I wanted to talk about the presentation of the wedding video at the reception (or dinner, luncheon, whatever).  From the many receptions I’ve been to, the most typical way to show the wedding video is to have it on a TV, playing in the corner of the room.  Sometimes it’s on a nice large TV.  Sometimes it’s on a laptop.  Sometimes it’s on two TVs in separate corners.  And this usually works well for the average Utah wedding reception, where there’s a line of people coming and going, and the guests can watch the video at their leisure.  The problem is, the wedding party–most importantly, the bride & groom  — doesn’t get to see much of the video because they are graciously greeting their well wishers. 

One really great idea that I try to promote to my clients is the Cinematic Presentation of the wedding video.  I will bring a nice projector, screen–usually at least 72″, and audio equipment (if needed).  Then at some point during the reception, everyone stops to watch the video together, including the bride and groom.  I think this is a great way to showcase the new couple and their awesome day together.  Plus it gives them a chance to stop and eat something while they’re watching it. 🙂

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