This was such a fun reception–it was held at a really cool place, the Paraiso Maravilla in Houston.  They had lots of fun dancing and crazy bride and groom games to see how compatible they are.  It was really funny.  Plus, they had a Utah Jazz cake alongside their traditional wedding cake, so that was awesome!  Go Jazz!  Anyways, it turned out great, and I hope you enjoy it!  You can also see their temple film here.

[flv:/media/2009/texas_lds_wedding_video_reception_lindsey_and_jacob.flv 480 270]

2 responses to “Lindsey and Jake – Houston Reception Film”

  1. Mary P. Avatar
    Mary P.

    Great music picks! That place looks so amazing–love the “pink” affects!

    Mary P.

  2. Spencer Avatar

    Thanks Mary,
    They had some really fun pink lighting going on, it really made the reception center look cool.

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