Little Giant Sister


Last Week, Me and my wife DeAnn were blessed to welcome our first little girl into this world. It is always such a neat experience to see your daughter looking up at you for the first time. We named her Violet.

My Two older boys were so excited to have her come home, They gathered around her on the floor and  just stared at her for what seemed like the longest time. Finally they had a little princess they could rescue. Logan, the oldest thought that since Noah was a “Big Brother” now, that would make him the “Giant Brother” we even made him a t-shirt that said “I’m a Giant Brother”. Nothing like a little extra advertising for my business.

We are so grateful to have her here with us, and I’m sure that being raised by a wedding videographer won’t affect her at all.  On second thought, I’d better start saving my money.

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  1. Mary Avatar


    She’s beautiful!!! I hope all is well. Both my niece and nephew came a little early–my niece spent about 5 weeks in the NICU, and my nephew has a lung disease, so we’re very used to the hose nose–so hope she graduated off it quickly!!!



  2. Cathy Avatar

    Congratulations on getting a girl DeAnn and Spencer! She will be wrapped around your finger, if she hasn’t already attained that spot already… Those are some sweet pix and I can hardly wait to see what you put together of her!

    – Cathy

  3. Spencer Avatar

    Thanks, We have had so much fun with her around, she is healthy as can be now.

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